My trip from the starting point to Chao Chao with the most important details and prices

My trip from the starting point to Chao Chao with the most important details and prices

 My trip to Brazil, where I found myself in front of a travel agency, and I found a reservation on the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines bound for Sao Paulo, and from there we managed to go to Rio where we booked a hotel on Copacabana beach.

A whole week and we are trying to complete all the necessary papers to apply for a visa to Brazil. Our problem is that we need a passport and a work identification letter certified by the Chamber of Commerce, an account statement from the bank and personal photos, in addition to filling out the visa form.

Guys, pay attention:

In the embassy, ​​there is an unnatural strictness in terms of completing the requests. The employee there asked me for the exact address of the hotel (the hotel reservation confirmation paper, which I rejected on the pretext that the paper does not explain precisely and in detail the address of the hotel in which street it is and its phone number).

Also, the embassy wants two photos of my beautiful face, not one. “The embassy wants a copy of the passport.” This was not mentioned on the website. Their working hours are from 10 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.

How will you plan your trip in terms of prices (tickets - hotels - living - transportation) and how to have a very clear picture of the country you will visit (safety - people - weather - tourist places)?

The requirements are:

When I decided to travel to Brazil, I had a confused picture of prices and how to exchange, and about airlines and which ones are better, but the picture gradually became clear through the use of online booking sites via the Internet, writing the itinerary and the site will give you the ticket price + number of stops + taxes.

So, the first step is to define the itinerary.

Note: Try to book another luxury airline (Emirates, Qatar or British Airways) and you will notice the price difference + luxury.

Now I have decided to travel on KLM, and of course I did not find a flight to my desired destination Rio de Janeiro, my trip will be to Sao Paulo and from there to Rio, which is an opportunity for me to try a domestic Brazilian flight to Rio, so I decided to book a hotel in Rio 12 nights starting after My arrival in Brazil one day, I mean my first day in Rio I will take the order of booking it myself, and the rest of the days the travel agency took care of the reservation!

Now, after you have determined the itinerary and booked the hotel, you should have a clear picture of the country you are going to visit, and as they say ask an experienced one!

There are a number of foreign sites that provide this service, and the best of them is travelpayouts. This site offers you discussions and opinions of travelers to all countries in the world, and includes almost everything from airlines to wines! Just ask and let the experts answer!

I benefited from this site, the names of the hotels on the sea in Rio, the level of service in the hotel, the cleanliness of the rooms, the reception, the quality of the service, the distance of the hotel from the beach and others. !

There are other sites, but this site remains the best in my opinion, and if you are one of the people who do not know English, then you should use this site, Arab travelers, a very professional site that has no equivalent in Arabic, there are many experts and experimenters, I benefited from this site from the experiences of Members who traveled to Brazil and had me in their photo reports a free virtual trip!

Assuming you now have a passport and Visa, tickets and hotel reservations, what is left for you?

There is a good service on Google, which is maps. Personally, I like to walk if the distance is not more than 3 km round trip. This service gives you the distance and map of any store or (shop) you want around your place of residence, for example, I live in Luxor Hotel and I want Internet cafes I want to know the distance from my residential store to these stores. Simply go to Google Maps, and as in the picture, write your address and also write the required store: It will show you a map divided into two halves, the right section will show you a map showing your location with the symbol A and the internet shops with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on The left section contains the names of these cafes, as well as the distance in kilometers from your location. Thus, there will be a clear picture and daily program of where you want to go and how far away, and before you book the hotel, you can make sure, through this service, that there are shops around the hotel as a matter of reassurance. I think this will give us a good idea of ​​some helpful sites for arranging your trip.

Brazil currency

My trip from the starting point to Chao Chao with the most important details and prices
My trip from the starting point to Chao Chao with the most important details and prices

The Brazilian Real (BRL) is the official currency of Brazil. This currency is currently used by Brazil Code: R$ Smaller units: 100 centavo Coins used: 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, R$1 Banknotes used: R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100

1 Brazilian Real equals 0.19 USD

Getting around by taxi

Taxi price starts at: 1.10 USD (5.80 BRL). For 1 km ride in Brazil you have to pay about: 0.66 USD (3.50 BRL).

Learn about transportation and the details of life in Brazil
daily life in brazil

Life in Brazil, which is one of the most wonderful places you may decide to settle in, for several things. Since the most important of them is that it is almost one of the few countries that does not view you with religious, national or ethnic racism, all here are homogeneous and equal in rights and duties. The Brazilian people are good people by nature who love joy and hunt for it at all times and places. They also love the neighbour, avoiding any obstacles, and love the stranger and encourage him to integrate with them.
public means of conductors Where you see that public transportation and the streets are crowded with employees in the morning, which is what distinguishes life in Brazil. Trains start at 4:00 am with public transportation. All the people then go to work, and the rush hour ends in the morning until ten in the morning. The price of a train and bus ticket is one 4.40 cents, and as soon as you take the train or bus, all your train transfers are free, even if you switch between one train or bus and another, until you reach your station. Three hours later, if you take an internal bus, for example, the ticket will be calculated at 3.95 cents, and this is if you use a prepaid card, but if you use cash, you will pay the full amount. Therefore, it is recommended that you obtain a prepaid card, and if you use the internal transport bus for transportation, your roaming period is free, and for a period of three hours from the time you used the first bus with the prepaid card. To obtain the card, you need the residence address, personal identity and a 3 * 4 photo with the tax number (CPF), and go to the website to register for it, in “São Paulo”, for example, click here. You can also collect it from your nearest internal transportation center, and it will be ready within 24 hours as a minimum. The advantage of this card is that you can fill it up by direct transfer through several programs. For example, one of the most important of these programs is: SP Trans. Or through other service programs such as: Mercado Pajo, which helps you to live in Brazil. Or by recharging machines, or special ticket counters inside each train station or internal transport station. This card is also very secure, as it will be registered in your name. And in case you lose it, you can immediately stop it, and extract another with a discount of about 35 Brazilian riyals to return the order. The card will be returned with the money to you, and you can request to stop it via the website, or by going to the ticket office at the public transport station near you. private transportation Also, many people prefer to travel by transportation (Uber) or via (99). It is safe and cheap, especially if your itinerary or destination does not have public transportation. To do this and get the best price, comparison, and after downloading the applications of these companies. Head to the Google Maps program, and type in the address you want to reach, and the way to reach it via public transportation. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find that Google Maps shows you if you want to use (Uber) or (99), the price of each, the time you will arrive, and the cost of internal transportation compared to them. Also, if you want to use your car for commuting, there are four types of energy sources that your car will specify. Basically, if you own a modern car that runs on electric power, you just have to charge it and head to your destination. If your car operates using conventional energy methods (petrol, gas, ethinol), you must fill it up from the nearest station to you. Taking into account the parking prices spread almost everywhere, the price of a parking ticket reaches 20 Brazilian riyals for a few hours you spend in a particular place. A fun trip through the streets of Brazil Now that we have identified and explained the transportation methods, we must know where we will go on a beautiful trip. At the end of the week many people head to the parks, or to the city center for shopping. Or to Paulista Street, which is full of people and sales centers, choose your destination and enjoy your time. As for your daily needs of goods and products, you will find many wholesale or retail centers according to your desire, and their proximity and ease to you from “Carrefour” to “Extra” and “Jia”. Everyone competes to please you, so you can choose the best for you, and the foodstuffs are reasonably priced, which encourages life in Brazil.

What are the costs of transportation and transportation in Brazil?

Taxis, buses, and metro systems are plentiful in major cities, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and for smaller cities along the coast and inland you may only have access to public buses, which quickly get crowded. Taxis are expensive, but they are a popular way of getting around, as driving in Brazil can sometimes be difficult due to bad roads and congestion. The fare for a taxi from the airport to the city is about $10. Food and drink costs in Brazil Food may be different in regions of Brazil than in your country of origin, where food can be as expensive or as cheap as you like, you may find the famous Bahia cuisine on the coast. The North is famous for its Amazonian fish, and the South is famous for its European-style meals. You can buy from the grocery store, which offers reasonable prices from managing food costs, and save a large portion of the money. We show you a list of the prices of some foods: One liter of milk costs about: $0.80. A loaf of bread costs: $1.30. A kilogram of rice: $0.95. A dozen eggs: $1.45. Round beef: $5.80. A kilogram of apples: $1.60. A kilogram of tomatoes: 1.15 dollars. A kilogram of potatoes: $0.90. Takeout costs about $3-10. the drink: Tap water is the safest, as it is constantly treated but after the treatment process it takes time to return to the taste of the water, so locals tend to use bottled water instead of plastic, the cost of buying water bottles is $0.6, or 60 cents (cent = $100) Alcohol : The cost of a pint of local beer in the grocery store: only $1. The cost of a pint of imported Yosra: $2.50. This cost is slightly higher in restaurants.

Types of tourism in Brazil Brazil offers many types of tourism that meet the different tastes of its visitors and tourists, and the most important of them are: Beach tourism: Brazil has thousands of beaches along its coasts, which are distinguished by their unique natural landscapes. Natural environment: Brazil has many natural tourist attractions that are home to many types of animals and plants (such as the Amazon River, Iguazu Falls, national parks, nature reserves). Cultural and Heritage: Brazil offers visitors the opportunity to discover its diverse ethnic and cultural heritage through the establishment of many traditional events and celebrations expressing the culture and heritage of the Brazilian people. Food and food tourism: What distinguishes Brazilian cuisine is the presentation of many distinctive and varied dishes and cuisines in their local components according to the different regional traditions in the country. The most important tourist cities in Brazil capital city brasilia It is the capital of Brazil, the radiant city designed in the form of a plane or a butterfly, known for its vitality behind a modern modern facade, as it has transformed in just 5 years from a barren desert to one of the most important and most beautiful cities in the world. Millions of tourists visit the city annually to see its architectural masterpieces (the Square of the Three Forces, the National Park, the National Museum of Brasilia, the magnificent cathedrals), The city is also famous for the cylindrical Congress building and the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, which is one of the oldest architectural arts in Brazil.

city of Rio de Janeiro

The most exciting and exciting tourist destination in all of Brazil's cities, with golden beaches, stunning mountains, samba dances and amazing football matches. The beaches of Rio have always been a destination for visitors, especially Copacabana Beach, which has become a symbol of celebrations, in addition to the lively Ibanema Beach. The city's most famous landmark is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is located at a height of 710 meters at the top of Corcovado and is a symbol of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Another interesting place is the Sugar Mountain, which is made of quartz stone and granite and is reached by cable car. The pleasure of tourism in the city is completed by visiting the Tijuca National Park, which is one of the largest urban forests in the world.

city of Foz do Iguaçu

The city of Salvador possesses an energy and beauty that many cities do not possess, as it was nicknamed (The City of Happiness). And held the largest celebrations and carnivals. Salvador city center is considered a living museum of architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries. Salvador is characterized by a lively atmosphere, where music is played in addition to traditional dance in the streets, and the character of African culture prevails on the city in food and traditions. As for the beaches, they are the most famous, where visitors come from everywhere to practice marine sports such as swimming, diving, surfing and sailing in the clear waters.


Manaus is the largest city in the state of the Amazon, where it is the entrance to the Amazon rainforest and is the largest city among the cities of Brazil. Where is a commercial center? It is famous for the rubber industry and other raw industries. The city of Manaus has wonderful tourist areas such as: (Parisatiube Waterfall) This waterfall is surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes. Gao National Park is one of the largest parks in Brazil, with many plants and animals, valleys and picturesque hills. (Museum of Natural Sciences), which is a very popular destination because it contains rivers, forests, animals and various fish.


A colonial-style city, located on the Atlantic coast. The city of Olinda is centered on a plateau surrounded by beautiful trees and forests. The historic city center is characterized by the multiplicity of wonderful buildings such as churches, colorful houses, restaurants and museums. Several fun annual celebrations are held in the city It differs from the festivities in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in that it takes place during the day and includes traditional African music and dances.

Recife city

Recife is nicknamed the “Venice of Brazil” because of its many waterways and beautiful bridges. Recife is the most exciting city with vibrant culture, entertainment and restaurants. Antigo Recife (which resembles an island surrounded by canals) is the historical and cultural center of the city, and Recife still bears a Dutch feel in its colonial buildings such as Cinque Pontas Castle. The city's beaches are among the best in Brazil. They are surrounded by hotels and restaurants, and are distinguished by their soft white sand and clear blue waters.

Fortaleza city

Fortaleza, despite its isolation, is one of the largest cities in Brazil and is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, festive atmosphere and fishing villages. Among its intended features: Centro is the oldest part of the city and the most beautiful area for roaming and shopping. Praia do Futuro beach is very popular and other beaches such as Mirles Beach, Mocurabe, provide In addition to various hotels and restaurants, when visiting the city, visitors surf, swim and dive.

The most important tourist attractions and destinations in Brazil
redeemer statue

The Statue of the Redeemer is located at an altitude of 709 m above the city of Rio de Janeiro, where it is located within the National Park (Tioca) and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Brazil. The statue is about 30 m tall. This statue was created in 1931 AD, by the Polish-French sculptor (Paul Landowski) with the assistance of the engineer (Heitor da Silva); The statue was carved using reinforced concrete in addition to the use of steatite, and the statue of the Redeemer is one of the country's internationally recognized icons and landmarks. Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu River is located at the meeting point of three countries (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina).
Some of the waterfalls reach a height of more than 100 meters and can be observed better from the side of Brazil, and the beauty of the different views of the waterfalls can be observed when heading towards the Argentine side, As each side offers several different views of the waterfalls, which enables tourists to enjoy a tour around these waterfalls; These waterfalls are located within the Iguazu Park Reserve, which is classified as one of the best tourist areas in Brazil. Amazon forest

Where the deep waters of the Rio Negro meet the shallow muddy waters of the Rio Solimos about 20 km southeast of Manaus and flow side by side for about 6 km before mixing together to form the famous Amazon River. An archipelago of islands located around the Amazon River combines lakes, streams, and flooded forests, which form an integrated sector of the Amazon ecosystem, The Amazon forest is characterized by the presence of many animals such as monkeys, sloth bears, parrots and other bird species, turtles and other wild animals, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil. The beaches of Pernambuco

Among the few reasons that make the beaches in Pernambuco one of the best tourist destinations in Brazil are its crystal waters, distinctive tall palm trees, and vast expanses of silver sand. This beach-side town is calm and colourful, blending the fun of a traditional beach town with chic boutiques. Where all the hotels and resorts are located near the ground rather than the hotels in high-rise buildings. Glimpse of Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil It is the largest country in Latin America and South America. System of government: Federal Republic Legislative branch: the Brazilian National Assembly Executive Branch: The Federal Government of Brazil Its area: 8.5 million square kilometers Brazil ranks fifth in terms of area in the world. The capital of the country: Brasilia Population: 210 million, 147 thousand and 125 people, according to the estimated statistics in 2019, Population density: 25 people per square kilometer, Brazil ranks fifth in terms of population in the world Official language: Portuguese Brazil location: It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean On the north side, it is bordered by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and one of the French overseas territories and territories, French Guiana. From the northwest, it is surrounded by the states of Colombia and Bolivia. On the west side, it is bordered by Peru, Argentina and Paraguay.

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